A Note on the Sale of the Treasure

Jack Stuef
1 min readNov 11, 2022


In September, I sold the Fenn Treasure in a private transaction. I no longer own any part of the treasure and have no financial interest in its future on the collectibles market.

I have come to understand that the group of buyers had decided to keep certain items of the treasure for themselves but were eager to buy the rest of it as well as they were interested in speculating on the price they could achieve on it in a public sale.

The current owners (who wish to remain anonymous) informed me they are today offering the items of the treasure they have not retained for themselves in a one-time sale through Heritage Auctions.

After my identity was revealed almost two years ago, some fans of the treasure hunt reached out to tell me they hoped they could purchase an item from the treasure to commemorate their own adventures searching for it. I’m happy that today those people finally have the opportunity to do so, with a large number of items from which to choose.

I wish them, the current owners of the treasure, and Heritage the best of luck at auction.