It’s been several months since I last posted questions I’ve gotten from Fenn Treasure searchers, so I figured I would do another installment.

As you might expect, I get fewer emails these days than I did when I was first outed as the finder. The vast majority of searchers have…

When I was outed as the finder of the Fenn Treasure a month ago, I didn’t predict I would answer so many emails from searchers, or that I would continue to receive so much gratitude back from kind people around the world who loved this treasure hunt as much as…

[originally posted on 12/10/20]

When I posted my statement revealing myself as the finder Monday, I left an email address fellow searchers could use to reach me. I figured it would be a sort of release valve for pent-up frustration and would become full of hate mail pretty quickly…

Jack Stuef

The author is the finder and owner of the Forrest Fenn Treasure.

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